Friday, November 25, 2011


Oh my goodness everyone!  I have not written on here for a very long time and am very truly sorry!  I could say that I have just been too busy to post anything but that would be a lie ..... BUT ... the good thing is that I'm posting this right now,  obviously.  And will continue to try and keep posting every few days.

Well HAPPY POST TURKEY DAY!  Our family had a very laid back day brother and dad went out to our new house ( that we are currently renovating ) for the morning,  my mom went and helped a friend with her house for a bit,  and I was at home baking!  heeehee.....I love baking!  I don't know what it is,  but baking just makes me happy.  Especially when others love it and think it is delicious!  Anyway though,  so after everyone came home,  we all got dressed and ready and then went to pick up my grandparents.  >>> Funny story time... while we were waiting for my grandparents to get to the car my phone turned off   ( lets just say that it constantly does this and I need to get a new one! ) and when it turned back on it locks itself but has an emergency call button.  Well not realizing that this was all happening... I must have hit that emergency call button and MY PHONE CALLED 911.  When I finally saw what was going on,  I quickly tried to end the call,  but sure enough the dispatch lady called me back to make sure everything was okay.  So embarrassing but she had a good laugh about it...said that she was glad nothing was wrong and wished me a very happy Thanksgiving.  :) <<<<...

Okay back to Thanksgiving... so after picking up my grandparents,  we drove out to see our new house in Ponca.  If you would have seen the place when we first got it you would not even believe your eyes if you saw it now!!  It is so stinkin' beautiful!  I always seem to forget how much I love it out there until I go and visit again.  The countryside is so breath-taking and brings tears to my eyes at the beauty of everything and knowing that OUR GREAT GOD designed all of it. ...can you say WOW???!?!?!

Here are a couple of pictures from my dad's profile on facebook... if you would like to see more photos just go to his page... Thomas S. Bell  :)

This is the house before we did anything drastic to it ...the slots for the new windows are cut out but nothing else is really done in this picture... I didn't like nasty yellow siding ..icky! 

This was the "mid-process" ... kind of.  The good thing was that the "icky"  siding was down.. new windows.   
By the way,  this is the back of the house in both pictures.

This is the window for my room!  Funny thing is that this used to be the garage!  hahah...but now it is going to be my lovely bedroom.  It's actually bigger than the one I have now which is ironic since this house is smaller than our house now.  

The siding is now up in these pictures and there is now a DECK!  It is huge and gorgeous! Since these pictures, we've added a huge garage which is behind the house,  more concrete for our driveway,  the electric was put in, the tile in the entry way and kitchen, my dad and Logan put up a swing ( which brings back SO many memories)...a fire pit ( We'll be fighting on who has the bonfires now O'Halloran Family  But the biggest thing was that our new kitchen cabinets came in on Wednesday and they are beautiful! 

OKAY!! ...sorry I got really sidetracked but yes.. we went and showed my grandparents the house,  and then we all went to eat at Green Gables over in Sioux City for dinner.  Becca and Jacob joined us which was fun.  She is really started to show more.. and I was told that she is now 24 weeks along.  They do have a name but I won't tell you that till the baby is born.  :)  sorry!  

Well this has been a super long post but I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!