Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dedication to the lovely Bugg!

Last week I had the privilege of attending my uncle Wally's birthday.  My family  (Parents, Jacob and Becca,  baby Micah, and myself)  arrived a little late, but we did indeed arrive to wish him a happy birthday!   For some of my beloved family, this was the first time they were able to see my new baby nephew, Micah.

This is the darling baby Micah :)

Anyway, we all had a wonderful time chatting and just being with each other.  At some point during the night my dear cousin "Bugg" informed me that I hadn't written on my blog in quite some time.  We jokingly bickered back and forth, saying that we were going to dedicate a blog post to each other.  Whether or not she was joking,  I was being completely serious.  :)

So.... I, Belle, hereby dedicate this post to Bugg! 

    She's not gonna like me for this picture!                               On vacation :)

Many of you know this wonderful young lady.  She is my second cousin, but as we get older I feel like we are becoming more like sisters.  Bugg has many talents and amazing qualities such as being a wonderful big sister, playing the violin, creating masterpieces in the kitchen, and being a super reader and writer. Her most important quality or characteristic, though, is the fact that she is a daughter of Christ and on fire for her Savior!  Watching Bugg grow up I have seen the Lord work in her life.  He has molded and sculpted every part of her, from her spunky and quirky personality to her caring, "mother hen" attributes.  ... I love you Bugg and am so thankful for you!

Love, Belle


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